Business in Russia offers new opportunities for foreign companies

Today, Sfera Group of Companies includesFor numerous foreign companies interested in maintaining their sales volumes, it would be rather evident to shift their production into the Russian Federation territory.

Actually, it was caused by decline in the rouble and the fact that import substitution in Russia has become a real and popular trend which is actively supported by the state.

Sfera Group of Companies offers joint production of high-quality products being in demand in the Russian product market, to foreign companies. We are sure that our production and workforce capacity allows implementing it in the shortest possible time.

Our enterprises are situated in Chelyabinsk . It is the industrial centre of the Southern Urals with the well-developed infrastructure and highly-qualified personnel capacity.

The primary focus of Sfera Group of Companies is on manufacture of different, inter alia, of the following customised nonstandard sheet metal cases:

  • manufacture of cases for industrial applications
  • (electrotechnical cases, dust- and moisture proof heated outdoor cases, cases for radio-electronic devices and communications-electronics equipment, cases for telecommunications equipment and cases for energy distribution devices);
  • manufacture of cases for various sensory equipment (payment terminals, information booths, slot-machines and other vending machines);
  • manufacture of cases for machines, machine cabinet protection and operator station cases.

Manufacture of the most complex cases with different interior partitions, openings, profile grooves, inside and outside fastenings has been mastered over 11 years of successful work. Cases are made of steel, aluminium or stainless steel plates.

We are actively cooperating with a large number of enterprises making their products more modern and safer, and continuously mastering novel products.

  • First of all, it relates to manufacture of products on the basis of specific customers' individual drawings. It is worth pointing out that we have experience of work with foreign drawings.
  • Secondly, basing on new market demands, Sfera Group of Companies commercializes new types of cases of various applications. In such a case, our employees comprehensively analyse the factors influencing cost reduction without sacrificing high quality of the products, work out the optimal size range in detail taking into account all the achievements in the modern technology sphere.

There are several stages of mastering novel products:

  • development of unique design;
  • design solution development, 3D modelling and design technology documentation creation;
  • prototype production and pre-production.

Modern integrated equipment is used in manufacture of case goods. Such the equipment includes the laser beam cutting machine, the turret punch and bending press, the equipment for hardware pressing-in, the polymer painting line and other engineering tools. Various types of welding, such as gas-shielded, electrical resistance, argon-arc and condenser energy-storage welding are used. Sfera Group of Companies owns all the equipment.

The cases are manufactured with adherence to the product quality and safety standards.

It is the variety of products and services mastered at the high professional level that allows Sfera Group of Companies confidently going ahead acquiring new clients and partners. Management of Sfera Group of Companies is sure that cooperation with the foreign company provides real and mutually beneficial perspectives for development of both parties' business. Sfera Group of Companies guarantees fast and high-quality mastering of products of any complexity, as well as competitive prices, compliance with all the product quality and safety standards.

We invite all the interested parties to cooperate!